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  • Who is SBC Recovery Funds LLC?
    SBC Recovery Funds LLC is a small, family-owned organization of dedicated professionals and is currently registered in good standing with several Secretary of State Office Georgia. We conduct business throughout the United States.
  • How do we know your organization is legitimate?
    SBC Recovery Funds LLC is registered and holds licensure with Secretary of State of Georgia. While some companies highlight a Better Business Bureau rating to create confidence with a recognizable BBB seal, the SBC Recovery Funds LLC organization recognizes that numerous start-up companies with less than a year of operations end up with an A+ rating by simply paying an annual fee to be able to display the BBB Accreditation seal in their marketing materials with an understanding that BBB, in turn, keeps your record clean, even if you have hundreds of complaints. SBC Recovery Funds LLC prefers to simply adhere to an organization policy of “The Customer’s Needs Come First” and an ideology ingrained in all our staff members “to treat others as they would like to be treated!”
  • Are you a Collection Agency?
    No, SBC Recovery Funds LLC is NOT a collection agency and in fact, operates in the exact opposite fashion. Simply put, if you have received a call or letter from us, it is because we are confident that we have found money or other assets that you are entitled to claim. We have no direct or indirect communication with collection agencies. We only seek to have direct contact with you!
  • What does “unclaimed funds” or “lost asset” mean?
    Unclaimed funds are money and other assets whose rightful owner lacks awareness of their existence, so it is unlikely that they would be searching for them. Unclaimed funds are typically turned over to the government after a specific period of time has passed. The types of assets typically include bank accounts, certificates of deposit, contents of safe-deposit boxes, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, dividend or payroll checks, refunds for goods or services, traveler’s checks, insurance payments, annuities, trust distributions, unredeemed money orders or gift certificates, utility security deposits, escrow accounts and mineral royalty payments, just to highlight a few. By the time we contact you, most of these assets have been converted to a monetary amount that is being held by an asset holder. Most asset holders make a meaningless attempt to locate you to prohibit your funds from being claimed.
  • How did my assets get lost?
    Through no fault of your own, unclaimed assets may result from common situations involving inheritance issues, lost payment or property overage returns, business closings or insurance policies purchased previously by family members and business partners. Unclaimed funds are typically turned over to the government agencies after a specific period of time has passed. Our company philosophy stands for the basic belief that all private citizens should be reunited with their assets, in lieu of permitting any faceless government agency the ability to seize them lawfully through a process called “escheatment.” This process is rooted in feudal 16th century England and the SBC Recovery Funds LLC organization believes it is grossly unfair.
  • Who has my lost assets?
    Your assets may be in the possession of a plethora of asset holders. Our teams primary function is to locate you and pair you with your lost and unclaimed assets which are typically held by a number of government entities. Unclaimed funds found through basic internet searches of state abandoned property offices are not the subject of our searches. Each case is unique with specific nuances held by an exhaustive list of asset holders, so a definitive response does not exist and pertain to all.
  • Is there a time limit to claim any lost or unclaimed funds?
    Unfortunately, there is no “one size fits all” answer to your question. Each claim is unique and asset holders are subject to different laws depending upon their location and any specific, applicable government agency rules. With that said, yes there are deadlines associated with claim recovery and much of our work is performed expeditiously with a great attention to detail to meet those deadlines.
  • How did you find this money?
    Our team continually audits numerous government agency records on a regular basis for unclaimed funds due to citizens like yourself.
  • How did you find me?
    Internet searches and investigative techniques are our primary methods for locating our clients. Our investigative team searches numerous public records including telephone directories, voter registrations, driver’s records, birth certificates, death certificates, change of address records, court filings, marriage and divorce filings, military registrars, and social media platforms as well as genealogical and historical records. If you have been contacted by our company, you are definitely one of the lucky ones!
  • Is it safe to disclose my personal information?
    SBC Recovery Funds LLC adheres to a strict Privacy Policy and guarantees every client to use their information for the sole purpose of resolving your claim. Your private and personal information will never be sold or shared with any other entities.
  • How much is my claim? Where is it being held?
    Our company adheres to a process for successful asset recovery. Confidentially, our staff provides specific information relative to your claim once you sign our contingency fee agreement. After, you are notified by another staff member called a Claims Advocate assigned to your case to keep you abreast of the status of your claim through receipt of your funds.
  • Can’t I find these “so called assets” on my own?
    It may be possible to recover unclaimed assets on your own depending upon time, money and your areas of expertise. The process of discovering unclaimed assets and pursuing recovery for individuals is a round-the-clock business for us. It is time-intensive requiring team members with specific areas of expertise. We rely on established processes to be successful and use our experience when unique challenges arise. Our network is built on cementing critical relationships to expedite claim processing by recovering assets in shorter time frames while avoiding unnecessary expenses and common pitfalls.
  • How do I get started?
    If you have already received a phone call or letter from SBC Recovery Funds LLC, your first step of connecting with our team is complete. Next, you will need to return a signed, contingency agreement, which outlines the terms and conditions of our agreement – very easy to understand, no legalese. After we receive the necessary paperwork and required documentation, a member of the Atlas team will contact you with further instructions while our claims specialist begins processing your claim. Once the claim is submitted for recovery, we will keep you up-to-date on your claim status.
  • How long before I receive any money?
    Each claim is unique and the time frame from locating lost or unclaimed assets to recovery of funds can differ significantly. Some contributing factors include type of asset holder and claim complexity. The process typically takes between three to eighteen months once the claim is filed, but there are instances that have taken several years to complete primarily due to multiple claimants. Once we receive and process all the necessary paperwork from you, your Claims Advocate will be able to provide a more accurate timeline based on your specific circumstance.
  • How does SBC Recovery Funds LLC make money in this process?
    Signed and agreed to by both parties, SBC Recovery Funds LLC works on a contingency fee basis with all terms clearly outlined in a contract called a contingency fee agreement. SBC Recovery Funds LLC advances all expenses involved in claim recovery, so that our clients bear NO upfront costs in the discovery and recovery processes. Once assets are recovered, we deduct any expenses incurred from the total and our clients pay SBC Recovery Funds LLC the percentage from the remaining amount, as agreed upon in our written contract. Deducting expenses from the total amount recovered gives you added assurance that we will keep those costs to a bare minimum. In the unlikely situation that we are unable to recover your assets, SBC Recovery Funds LLC absorbs all expenses and you owe nothing.
  • Why should I use your company?
    SBC Recovery Funds LLC exists to be in service of others by helping folks recover monies that they didn’t know they were entitled.We believe good communication is the key to cementing great business relationships. Our clients trust us because we keep our promises and do “what we say, we are going to do. "We earn our clients trust by taking action with the highest standard of integrity, representing claimants proudly with industry knowledge and expertise to combat any bureaucratic nonsense.Our contingency agreement sets clear expectations for our clients giving them the legal security and assurance that we are a legitimate stake holder working hard for their recovery. We knock down frustrating road blocks and pursue quick retrieval of unclaimed funds vigorously for clients who are completely unaware of their existence. The confidence our clients place in SBC Recovery Funds LLC are monetized and returned to them in the form of a big windfall!It is highly unlikely that you will be able to find or collect the funds due you without the assistance of a company like ours; and highly unlikely that the agencies holding these funds will even notify you of their existence, let alone take the time to locate you. We facilitate identifying funds due you by auditing thousands of government agency records in multiple states and must then locate you at your new address to have the opportunity to return what is rightfully due you.

More Questions?

We exist to serve our clients, so please phone your Claims Advocate directly or the office at (678)598-5579.  You may email us at with your questions today!

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